Our signature Complex of 4 Teas® , used in all of our products, contain the following types of tea. All packed with powerful anti-oxidants, aiding in the anti-ageing process and internal wellness.


Recognizable by its pronounced flavor and dark color, black tea differs from other teas due to its longer fermentation process. Black Tea increases alertness, dental health, decrease stress, improves digestion and aids in the prevention of cancer.


Oolong tea is also called “blue-green tea”, referring to the colour of the infused leaves and is semi-oxidized. Oolong Tea reduces blood pressure, helps combat diabetes, improves digestion and promotes healthy teeth and bones.


Popular in Asian countries (especially in China, Japan and Korea), green tea is a tea with natural oxidation which is quickly stopped after picking. Green Tea helps fight diabetes, decreases anxiety and reduces stress, boosts metabolism and promotes healthy bones.


White tea is recognizable and renowned for its subtle and delicate taste. Some say it is the most noble of teas.
It undergoes no fermentation. White Tea may reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disorders, lowers cholesterol and aids with weight loss.