Suction Cup

Suction Cup

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In the history of medicine, cupping has been used as an essential therapeutic technique since time immemorial. In China, cupping therapy has been practised for millennia, first using cows’ horns and then bamboo cups. These were later replaced by little metallic vases, then glass domes and finally pump suction cups. The cup is a little dome that is applied to oiled skin and works through suction. The size of the cup is chosen in relation to the area of the body being treated. A vacuum is created by pressing on the pump to eliminate oxygen. The cup is held in place by suction.


The movement of the cups on oiled skin creates a mechanical action. This stimulates the individual’s own defence systems and:
– Cleanses the skin by sucking up the toxins and impurities
– Stimulates the blood and lymph flow by draining effectively
– Breaks down adipose tissues to remove them , thus reducing cellulite
– Improves the softness and quality of the skin
– Tones the epidermis


Slimming massage & treatment


Diameter: 5 cm
Weight: 105 g
Composition: Plastic & rubber

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