Autumn Skincare

Cool mornings, shorter days and fallen leaves, Autumn has officially arrived. With beautiful colours, creamy soups, rich hot chocolate and flickering candlelight. While cosy jumpers are providing you with warmth and comfort, cooler temperatures are not particularly beneficial for your skin. This season is perfect to rejuvenate and prepare for winter.

The same way we add layers to our outfits as the temperatures drop, it’s also important to add layers to our skincare routines to provide the skin with extra hydration. Switching to richer textures and more nourishing ingredients whilst re-introducing additional steps we may have overlooked throughout the summer are all essential to protect our skin against the elements.

Having a balanced skincare routine is as important as having a balanced diet. Although your basic skincare products should not need to be changed all year round, your skin might need some extra TLC in the changing season.

1. Exfoliation is important.

Creamy Facial Exfoliant

During the hot summer months our skin gets over-exposed to sun, pollution, high-level SPFs, insect repellents and much more. Give your skin the chance to leave summer behind, by exfoliating regularly. It will help to reveal smooth skin and improve skin tone. Our creamy facial exfoliant made with rice powder gives a soft exfoliation and is great for all skin types. We recommend using once or twice a week, massage into your face and neck in small circular movements before rinsing with clean water.

2. Add extra hydration

Radiance Smoothing Serum

Treat your skin to added hydration by using a serum. THÉMAÉS radiance smoothing serum is specially formulated with triple action; anti-ageing, moisturising and brightness. It makes a brilliant skincare addition to keep moisture levels topped up. Beautifully scented this serum is silky, soft and comforting to the touch, leaving you in no doubt of its benefits. Remember, a skin protected from damaging effects will better retain its youthful qualities.  

3. Thicken Up

Moisturizing face cream

Our skin tends to become drier during the colder months, meaning a richer more hydrating moisturiser is crucial. We recommend our Moisturising face cream. This sublime cream revitalizes dry, dehydrated skin prone to wrinkles. Gently apply morning and evening to your face and neck and softly massage into the skin.

4. Wellness

Generosithé - Caramel Oolong Tea

With the dark nights and cold mornings, it’s hard for our mood not to change. If your feeling down and having summer blues, it’s important to give yourself enough ‘me’ time. A little bit of pampering will go a long way to help transition into the colder months. Light a candle, run a hot bath and relax with your favourite book and a cup of Generosithe tea. A delicate, flavourful creation that sooths senses and provides a deep sense of comfort and serenity.

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