Tips for the New Year

6 tips for a new you this New Year.

1.Me time – One of the most important resolutions you should make this new year is to create time for yourself. You deserve it after all. We know what your thinking, easier said than done, but setting aside some time for yourself each day will not only do wonders for your body but for your mind too. Concentrate on the things that make you happy, read a book, go see a movie, eat out with your friends or simply take a relaxing bath with a face mask on, whatever you decide don’t apologise for doing it. Thémaé Tip – Apply our Detox Radiance face mask on an evening and leave to set for 10 minutes then rinse to leave your skin radiant and glowing.

2. Hydration – We all know we should drink more water and that is ‘healthier’ but why? Water helps energise your muscles, it aids in weight loss, improves your concentration and of course water keeps our skin looking good. Dehydration is one of the first things that shows in the face. When the skin is plumped out with hydration, lines and wrinkles are less noticeable.  Thémaé Tip – Keep sipping on water throughout the day even when you’re not thirsty (thirst is the first sign of dehydration). 

3. Swap your coffee for herbal tea- Of course, everyone knows herbal tea has a huge amount of health benefits, so this easy swap is really going to help. The antioxidants and vitamins found in herbal teasare great for helping fight disease and infections. They can protect against oxidative stress and lower the risk of chronic disease. Thémaé Tip – Try one of our delicious herbal teas, with 6 different types to choose from you’ll never ‘fancy’ a coffee again.

4. Reduce stress – Go easy on yourself and others. Modern life can cause a heap of unwanted stress and self-doubt. Make 2019 the year you give yourself a break. Take a step back and take a chance to breath, how many times throughout the day do you find yourself holding your breath or not expanding your lungs fully to take in oxygen? Your skin cells need oxygen to function optimally so take a deep breath and oxygenate those cells. Be active, exercise won’t make stress disappear, but it will reduce some of the emotional intensity that you are feeling. Clear your thoughts by taking a long walk. Plus, the fresh air will do you good. And last but not least PUT down the smart phone. We can’t stress this one enough. Social feeds give us unrealistic impressions of how we should be living our life and it’s easy to feel bad about your own life when they don’t match up. This is one of the biggest leaders to stress. Make a habit of leaving your phone in the other room on an evening and concentrate on the loved ones around you. Thémaé Tip – Spray our body mist enriched with ginseng in the air above your head or all over your body and take a deep breath and inhale the fresh ginger and lemon scent for an immediate revitalizing feeling.

5. Sleep – Making sure we get enough sleep is key to being physically and mentally healthy. According to the NHS one in three of us suffer from poor sleep, with stress, computers and taking work home often blamed. Sleep is your skin’s best friend, as this is when your skin cells detoxify, repair and regenerate.  Quality is far more important than quantity, despite constantly being reminded that 8 hours is the ideal. The deep sleep cycle is when the body works on the restorative processes, get a good night’s sleep by your own standards and you’ll see a well-rested face in the mirror come morning. You’ll not only see yourself looking fresher and bright eyed, but your concentration, productivity and performance will be increased. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. So, make sure you catch them zzzzzzz’s. Thémaé Tip – Apply our Pillow mist with absolute orange blossom and 11 essential oils on your pillow at night to help you unwind and drift into a restorative sleep.

6. Nutrition – Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce risk of chronic diseases and promote your overall health. We all know we should eat 5 portions of fruit or veg a day but eating healthy is more than just making sure we have the correct intake of vegetables. Make sure you have a good balance, of lean proteins, reduce your sugar and salt intake and switch to fat free or low fat. Treat your skin by eating antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables, healthy fats from oily fish and nuts. This will give you the optimal levels of nutrients needed for radiant skin. Your complexion will thank you. Thémaé Tip – Try at least one new healthy recipe per week, deciding what to have for dinner can be a constant cause of frustration, which is why many people tend to use the same recipes again and again.

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